Communications Tower Stadium Oil Refinery

Who We Serve

We provide our customers with the highest quality galvanizing available on fabrications ranging from the most challenging – such as heat exchanger coils and intricate handrail – to the most basic – such as lintels and embeds.

Below are a few examples from the various areas we service:

Pens, processing equipment, conveyors, gates, fencing, and wind mills

Towers, cellular platforms, cable trays, and antenna parts

Structural steel, columns, lintels, curb angles, utility substations, prefabricated buildings, gratings, pre-cast concrete hardware, handrail, piping, wire-guards, stairways, door frames, ornamental rail, trash racks, elevators, and fasteners

Highway and Transportation
Sign structures, guard rails and accessories, scuppers and drains, grating, fencing, bridge decking, bridges, light poles and hardware, expansion joints, utility trailers, and trailer door frames-

Heat Transfer Products (galvanized on the exterior surface only)
Refrigeration and cooling tube bundle units (“coils”), evaporative condenser coils (“fin coils”), transformer radiators

Storage racks, processing equipment, machinery mounts, conveyor systems, storage tanks, hose reels, safety enclosures, separators, and bases

Recreation - Land & Sea
Stadium handrail, picnic tables, benches, playground equipment, boat lifts, boat and snowmobile trailers, buoy markers

contact us

Contact Us

K-T Galvanizing has two locations in Texas to serve our customers. Facilities located in Katy, TX and Dallas, TX enable us to provide short turn-around times for customers in Texas and surrounding states.


Houston, TX Area
5105 E. Third St
Katy, Texas 77493
Phone: (281) 391-9201

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Area
2500 Chambers Rd
Venus, Texas 76084
Phone: (817) 477-4434

our mission

Our Mission

We pledge to carefully control all processes and verify that all tests and measures are accurately completed and reported.

We are committed to continually strive to improve all systems, provide an environment for our employees that supports superior performance, maintain a safe working environment and responsibly comply with all statutory rules and regulations.

Our mission is to provide every customer with quality galvanizing services that satisfy their requirements, consistently conform to their specifications and give on-time delivery.

customer service

Customer Service

Our entire organization is centered on the demands of our customers. By regular and systematic review we monitor the changing needs of our customers responding with quality, speed of turnaround, pickup and delivery services, technical advice and design assistance.

In order to meet the growing demand for our services we have access to an extensive fleet of vehicles and can provide pickup and delivery service to almost any location in the United States of America.